Limited Warranty Information & Return Policy


MTG provides a 2 year Limited Warranty on all computer components against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of shipping. The warranty does not cover damage done to the computer by you, your guests; objects falling or spilling on your computer, lightning, power surges, static electric discharge, operation at elevated room temperatures (more than 85F), or computer malware (viruses and spyware). MTG can not be held liable or responsible for any losses of data, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of use of the hardware system, loss of the use of related equipment, loss of "down-time" or purchaser's time, or complications that arise as a result of a computer failure or a delay in production or repair of your system.

Most devices are compatible with our computers. However, devices you purchase may not be compatible with our extreme computer systems due to differences in the way some standards are implemented: FireWire devices, USB external hard drives, wireless networking devices, and front audio connections may not be compatible with the included hardware of Windows 7 Professional operating system. It is the customers responsiblility to check for compatiability for their hardware and software applications.

Keyboard, mouse, speakers, and other minor components external to the computer have a 6 month warranty.
A Surge Suppressor is required to be in place at all times while your computer is under warranty.

If there is a problem with your computer system, you will be called upon to perform actions at our direction to perform recovery tasks and preliminary troubleshooting on your computer. These tasks, in some cases, may take a few hours to perform. YOUR COOPERATION IS REQUIRED AS A CONDITION OF THIS WARRANTY SERVICE. If you do not wish to perform these tasks as instructed by the technical support team, then you must ship the computer system to us for service at your own expense.

If you requested special components to be installed which we do not normally stock then some restrictions apply to the special component: If the component fails, then you must either 1) obtain a replacement part yourself, 2) Get the manufacturer to replace the part, 3) Send it to us for a replacement exchange from the manufacturer if it is possible for us to do so. This may involve significant delays.

Desktop Computers
Problems with desktop computers will be analyzed on the phone and may require your assistance (as outlined above). If phone-based support cannot resolve the problem then the system will need to be returned to MTG. MTG does not offer on-site repair services of any kind.

If a defective part exists, that part must be returned unless we specify otherwise. You will be provided a return shipping label by us. Failure to return parts will result in suspension of your warranty until 1) the parts are returned, or 2) you pay for the parts.

All replacement parts will be shipped to the "Ship To:" address on our files unless you have notified us in writing or by Email of a different address. If you do not notify us of an address change then you are responsible for loss of the item if it is accepted by another party at the address on file with us and the item is unrecoverable.

Non-US customers are responsible for customs duties and import inspection fees on replacement parts.

Software Related Issues:

Please note that MTG is a hardware vendor, NOT a software vendor so we do not support software of any kind. Software issues of any kind including but not limited to: operating system, virus software, trading software, software infections, drivers, Microsoft updates etc. are not supported by MTG. Please contact your software vendor directly for any software related issues. Please refer to the Software Related Issues below for detailed information about Software.
This includes but not limited to the following:

  • Any and all software installed or downloaded by customer or person other than MTG resulting in a system malfunction.
  • Viruses, spyware or any other malicious software infections resulting in the malfunction of the systems functionality.
  • Microsoft Updates. (If your system was functioning normally prior to an update from Microsoft, please contact them directly for assistance in rolling back the update.
  • Examples of software vendors would include but not limited to: Microsoft, Symantec, ATI-AMD (FirePro / Catalyst Control Center), Nero, World of Warcraft, AVG, Tradestation, E-Signal, Q-Charts, WinDVD, Intervideo DVD etc.

Our Technical Support service and replacement service does not cover re-loading your software if the Operating System requires re-installation for any reason.

Keyboards, Mice, Cables & other peripheral devices
Replacement of peripheral devices will be sent by ground shipping within two business days of the customer notifying us.

LCD Monitor Warranty
We warranty the monitors for 30 days, after which the manufacturer's warranty applies. We will replace monitors with 3 or more dead pixels within the first 30 days.

The warranty is not transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser and will be terminated if the computer changes ownership.

Return Policy

Every computer system from MTGs is thoroughly tested by our QA team prior to shipping. All component are
guaranteed to be in full working order at time of packing.

Every computer built by MTG is a custom designed systems, built and configured per the specifications our champion customers. Due to the custom specifications for each of our systems, the systems are non-refundable after purchase without a restocking fee of 20%. The customer has the responsibility to report any shipment issues or problems to us within 24 hours after delivery.

MTG has a strict "no returns after 30 days" from the date of purchase, for any reason.

Please contact MTG for the Return Procedure as no shippment will be accecpted without a Return Authorization Number (RMA). The package will be refused upon delivery and returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

RMA request forms are issued dirctly by us and and sent to the customer via e-mail. RMA request must be accepted, signed and returned prior to issuance of an RMA number. Once the request has been approved by MTG your RMA number will be emailed to you with instructions on how to proceed. Also see Shipping and Packing section above for additional details.